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Cementations Waterproofing

This method is very commonly used for wet areas such as toilets and bathrooms .This is a semi-flexible or rigid type of waterproofing and not exposed to weathering or sunlight .Coating material is commonly used for waterproofing and easy to apply.

Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing

Laying of soaked bricks bats (pieces) over fresh mortar, which acts as a insulation for thermal comfort. Surface brick layer thickness in between 70mm to 15mm (Avg. thickness of 110mm)

Bituminous waterproofing

This method is basically coating of a flexible asphalt layer or in general practice we call it Coal-tar.

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

It is synthetic rubber single layer membrane, durable in cold and hot weather.

Member Type Waterproofing

There are two methods, one is Torch Seal and other is Self-adhesive membrane waterproofing. Torch seal is used for podium, external development etc., and works at site, This is very common method used for waterproofing at site .It is more durable and cost effective method compared to self- adhesive membrane.

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Method

This is expensive method and less used at site. It is very flexible membrane carefully applied to avoid peeling after some time. Used for roof/terrace and the areas exposed to weathering.

Injection Grouting

A low viscous injection resin for water proofing application in low to medium infiltration .It can be used in bricks, concrete and other structure, as basement, tunnels etc.,

Liquid Roofing with bitumen membrane coating

Excellent adhesion to all kind of surfaces(metal, concrete etc.,)and chemical resistant. it saves time and spray application allows seamless coverage and long lasting waterproofing solution. Rapid curing even in winter weather.

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